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Apollo 11 round

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Cycle of Coal
2018 American Silver Eagle

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Diamonds, a symbol of wealth and the manifestation of abundance, are sure to please anyone in our exclusive Hanging-Diamonds Bear, made by WV glass artisan Dave Fetty. If diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend, our little bear will steal any girl's heart.

Mothers Day
WV Sesquicentennial Coin
WV Sesquicentennial Coin

West Virginia Sesquicentennial Heritage Coin​

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1 oz Apollo 11 Silver Rounds

Features Anna Jarvis, West Virginia native and founder of Mother's Day & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

WV Smooch* made by West Virginia Artisan Ron Hinkle

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Limited Edition Collectible Silver Coins

2018 American Silver Eagle
Cycle of Coal

Whether you have broken jewelry, scrap gold, old silver or coins cluttering up your drawers, we can help turn it into cash

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Cycle of Coal: Pink Slip

2019 Silver Eagles now available

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Mother's Day Coin: Honoring Anna Jarvis

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2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing.  These silver rounds, available in 1 and 2 ozt. coins commemorate that historic event.

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Features thirty-five stars representing the 35th state, the pink slip representing instability associated with the coal industry & company store scrip, a method of payment to miners in early years


Mother's Day Coin
Mother's Day Coin
ron hinkle potion bottle

When you purchase gold and silver, you are buying an asset valued since ancient times. Whether you're a long-term collector or have just inherited a collection, our expert staff is here to help you!

WV Smooch
Cycle of Coal


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West Virginia Heritage
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Features Lady West Virginia spreading joy across the landscape of WV & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

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